Rock Creek Schnauzers - Philipsburg MT

AKC Schnauzers

Rock Creek Schnauzer's,  just 14 miles west of Philipsburg, Montana on Rock Creek.

Our home is their home.

Jerry and I have been raising Schnauzers for over 40 years. We take great pride in their health and temperament. Our Schnauzers have some great pedigrees in their family trees.

We built them their own kennel a few years ago. This kennel is for their safety, when were unable to be at home. Otherwise, they're in our home with us. The kennel is 12 x 24 foot, with doggy doors and runs. They have an acre of fenced lawn, outside of their own fenced area, where we let them play when we’re home to keep an eye on them. Currently we have 6 schnauzers, 3 have been retired. Tiki. Ace and Emmy.  Our 3 breeder's are Sophia, Suzie Q and Hanz.  You can read about them here

To learn more, please contact us by email  (  or phone (406) 859-3109.